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jun 2nd

A man who has spent the last 15 years volunteering as a clown died this past week in Ohio leaving some big shoes to fill. According to his local newspaper, Beppo the Clown was accorded "the highest honor a clown can receive". He was “carried to his resting spot by his fellow clowns.” Nice!
Rick and Len Speculated what the rest of the funeral ceremony was like.

11:00am: The hearse arrives at the cemetery.

11:05am: Boppo’s closest friends and colleagues, all 137 of them, get out of the backseat.

11:15am: While admiring beautiful memorial flower arrangements, mourners are squirted in the eyes with water.

11:30am: Mourners learn that plans for a closed casket have been stymied by Boppo’s size 18 feet.

11:40am: A distant relative from “out west” is so grief stricken, he won’t even get out of his barrel.

11:45am: A woman with thick pancake make-up and garish red lipstick, who most assumed was the widow, informs people she’s not a clown, but rather a reporter covering the event for NBC26.

11:50am: It is pointed out that being a clown and being an NBC26 reporter are not mutually exclusive.

Noon: The minister delivers the eulogy, summing up Boppo’s life with quote from the Gospel according to Chuckles. “A little song. A little dance. A little seltzer in your pants”.

12:05pm: A woman who looks suspiciously like Mary Tyler Moore is escorted from the service in hysterics.

12:15pm: Relative from France is asked to speak. Instead, says nothing despite appearing to be trapped in a box.

12:30pm: Funeral concludes with 21 seltzer bottle salute.

12:45pm: All will depart cemetery for reception lunch of rubber chicken and cream pies which instead of being served on a plate will just been thrown directly into mourners faces.