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jan 15th
I\'m a sophomore at Brillion High School, and I hav...
I\'m a sophomore at Brillion High School, and I have to say, I appreciate the nomination of our administrators for Weenie of the Week!
We used all of our 3 free snow days before the end of December, and 2 of them weren\'t even needed. So we all thought, okay, well, maybe they just don\'t want to use them up. That\'s still completely ridiculous. God forbid a bus or someone\'s car would break down, anyone could get frost-bite within 15 minutes. Sorry, but I\'d rather make up one day in the summer than see over 100 students in the district get frost-bite.
As if that weren\'t bad enough, rumor is that Superintendent Madison is allowing one more free snow day since we DID use them all up before December\'s end. That\'s not completely relevant though, as it is JUST a rumor.

As for the idiots who ran down those deer, or the people who killed those ducks, they deserve a title much stronger than Weenie of the Week. But my guess is, "Most repulsive and disgusting human being of the year" isn\'t a title you offer.