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may 24th
Which Superhero is Gay?
DC comics has announced that one of their long time superheros is gay. Which one? Let's take a look?

BATMAN…wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a utility belt that didn’t match his shoes.

ROBIN…Always preferred sliding down the Bat Pole to yodeling in the Bat Cave.

AQUAMAN…His ability to breath underwater always puts him at the top of the invitation list to Elton John’s annual pool party.

GREEN LANTERN…The only other guy ever this obsessed with flashy rings was Liberace.

PLASTIC MAN…Frequently uses his shape-shifting power to turn into Ricky Martin’s Speedo.

THE FLASH…Has used his supersonic speed to get first in line for tickets to see Liza Minnelli.

SUPERMAN…His only weakness…green kryptonite…and young Latino men in tight shorts.