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nov 5th

October 13th City of Fox Point

A man was arrested for drunken driving after he appeared to be sleeping and police had to knock on the roof of the car to awaken him. He was taken for a blood draw and when the doctor asked if he’d been drinking, answered “I’m livin’ the dream.” The man then asked if anyone around him at the hospital “wanted to do some shots.”

October 6th City of Neenah

A woman called police to report that she could hear voices in her back yard at 3 a.m. Police responded to the area and found a 19-year-old man lying in the grass who told them he was left there by friends. The man was highly intoxicated and thought he was in Oshkosh.

October 22nd Village of Gresham

A caller told police they caught someone spitting on their mail.

October 22nd Town of Seneca

A man called police to report someone had stolen a culvert on Ridge Road.

October 24th City of Wisconsin Rapids

A woman reported to police that her neighbor was yelling at her because she was yelling at her own children. The neighbor then called and reported the first caller is always yelling and started yelling at him after he asked her to stop yelling.

October 12th City of Glendale

A 50-year-old woman was arrested for drunken driving and refusal to take a breath test after she was found “passed out” in her running car at a gas station. After failing field sobriety tests, she called one officer names and then asked another to go out with her on a date.

October 17th City of Waukesha

A woman called police to report that sometime back in August someone stole her tooth from her purse She suspected the tooth thief was her homeless sister.

October 17th City of Waukesha

Customers at a business on West Avenue were almost hit by golf balls hit by customers at another West Avenue business.

October 24th City of Portage

Police took a report of a stone buck statue that was damaged when a living buck tried mating with a nearby stone doe statue.

October 25th City of Wisconsin Rapids

A man called police to report seeing something orange floating in the water near the Riverview Expressway bridge. Responding officers discovered it was a toy.