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jun 25th

June 13th City of Waupun
Officers stopped two 18-year-old man who we're DRIVING a couch down Main Street. The men had put the couch on a frame with wheels, attached a gas-powered motor and were moving it from one house to another. The couch also had a sign on the back reading "Caution. Slow moving object." (not the couch pictured!)

June 6th City of Menasha
A Mathewson Street woman reported that her neighbor was moving things on her property. Police contacted the neighbor, who admitted to moving bread so she would not have to look at it out of her window. However, the neighbor said the woman and man at the residence purposely throw bird seed on her roof to antagonize her. The woman who called police admitted the behavior and both she and the man were issued warnings for disorderly conduct.

June 17th City of Shawano
Police were called to an East Richmond Street location where a resident complained about the smell of bad toast. When officers arrived, they were unable to locate the smell of bad toast, however, they did smell that was believe to be marijuana.

June 13th City of Shorewood
A woman called 911 to report that someone in her building was snoring so loudly it was keeping her awake. The woman told the 911 dispatcher that she needs to get at least12 hours of sleep every night. The caller was informed this was not a police matter.

June 14th City of Germantown
A resident called police to report her neighbor was in his own yard and looked in her direction but DID NOT ACKNOWLEDGE HER! Police advised the resident that she would be cited for any further unfounded calls.

June 16th City of Germantown
Police received a call from a woman reporting that people at her place of employment were wearing her “colors.” The resident stated she felt coworkers are wearing clothing colored the same as previous vehicles she owned and believes a former coworker was telling them to do this.