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oct 22nd
Eleven more days until it\'s over
Eleven more days until it\'s done.
Eleven more days of these damn campaign ads.
Another day longer and I\'ll need a gun.

Eleven more days of name calling.
Eleven more days of bombast and bull crap.
Eleven more days of yada yada blah blah blah
From a bunch of useless saps.

Eleven more days seem like forever.
Eleven more days until the end.
Eleven more days of the Eraseboard Ranger
And Congressman McTax and Spend.

Oh sure, those names haven\'t been used yet
By either of those clowns.
But I\'d be willing to sell them the rights.
As long as their throwing millions of bucks around.

And should we really be trusting our state\'s and nation\'s budgets
To guys who think it\'s best
To waste vast sums of money on commercials
That sound like a couple 4th graders fighting on the playground at recess.

And why would someone spend millions of dollars
To try to get elected to a position
That only pays back a fraction of what they spent.
It makes you question their mental condition.

It makes you wonder how great their need for power is
That they would seek the job at all.
Their egos must be really big...
Or their penises really small.

But in eleven days it will be over.
In eleven days we can go back to normal TV ads.
For things like pills to fight erectile dysfunction
And the latest feminine hygiene pads.

TV ads for things like Metamucil.
And products to treat dry and flaky heads.
For stuff like Preparation H,
For when your butt is puckered and red.

Yes, just eleven more days until we go back
To those toe fungus and talking mucus ads.
I guess now that I really think about it
The commercials for Johnson, Feingold, Barrett, Walker Kagen, Ribble and all don’t seem so frickin\' bad.