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apr 14th
Police in Oshkosh arrested a 33-year-old woman for running a prostitution operation out of her home while her kid was in school and her husband was at work. She told officers that she used the extra cash she made to pay bills.

At this point, it\'s unclear as to whether or not the husband knew what was going on when he was away.

Just in case you think your wife may be doing the same thing, we at the Rick and Len offer these: SIGNS YOUR WIFE MIGHT BE A WHORE.

If she wants to rearrange the bedroom to make room for a 50 gallon lube dispenser and a "take a number machine" -- your wife might be a whore.

If a dumpster behind a tire store has less used rubber in it than the wastebasket beside your bed--your wife might be a whore.

If your mattress has been the site of more drilling than the Prudhoe Bay, Alaska Oil Field--your wife might be a whore.

If, while you\'re at work, your mattress has hosted more foursomes than Augusta National--your wife might be a whore.

If you\'ve found more men in the closet than the Republican party--your wife might be a whore.

If the only thing you\'ve banged in the last several months, is your nuts on the turnstile at your bedroom door--your wife might be a whore.

If she has Hugh Grant\'s photo on her wall, Eliot Spitzer\'s credit card on her night stand and Charlie Sheen\'s handprint on her ass--your wife might be a whore.

If you\'ve found unexplained deposits in both her checking account and your bed--your wife is definitely a whore.