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mar 18th

After a website started a rumor this weekend by erroneously claiming Clay Matthews broke both legs in a car accident, we thought that as a public service we sould try...


1. Jordy Nelson lost an eye while attempting to cut his own hair with a riding lawnmower. NOT TRUE ( he sustained no injuries, however the haircut does look a little goofy)

2. Aaron Rodgers lost a finger on this throwing hand when it got caught in the buckle of his imaginary championship belt. TRUE (but fortunately, it was an imaginary finger)

3. With B.J. Raji, T.J. Lang, D.J. Smith, A.J. Hawk, C.J. Wilson, M.D. Jennings and D.J. Williams, the Packer roster officially has more periods than a sorority house. TRUE (They are THIS close to being over the NFL’s very stringent punctuation cap!)

4. A De Pere woman is claiming Mason Crosby is the father of her unborn child based on the fact that 70 percent of the times the baby kicks it misses. NOT TRUE (The baby only misses 65 percent of the time)

5. With the change in leadership at the Vatican last week, linebacker Desmond Bishop was promoted to Desmond Cardinal. TRUE

6. Packer free agent Greg Jennings signed with another professional football team. NOT TRUE! He signed with the Vikings.

7. In an effort to be taken more seriously, d-back Jarrett Bush is demanding to be called Jarrett W. Bush. NOT TRUE (He wants to be known as Jarrett H.W. Bush)

8. While most Packer players bleed green and gold, returning defensive end Johnny Jolly is the only team member of urinates purple. TRUE (Hopefully it’s just porphyria and he’s not back on the "drank”)  

9. In the off season, Jermichael Finley joined with Lance Armstrong to form a support group for athletes who can’t hang on to their balls. (TRUE, or so I’ve heard)