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apr 1st

March 17th City of Ashland
Police received a call from someone at a bar reporting a female acting strange. The caller said that when someone asks the woman a question she only answers by saying "Bob Dole". Dispatchers asked if the woman was harming herself or anyone else and the caller said no. Dispatchers then advised that it is not illegal for someone to answer "Bob Dole".

March 2nd City of Ashland
Someone accidentally dialed 911. Dispatchers could hear a female saying “Every time we have soup he always finds a bone in it and he says I am trying to kill him. I told him if I was trying to kill him he would be dead a long time ago.” She then goes on to mention life insurance. Police called the number back and the woman said her young daughter had her phone and must have accidentally dialed 911. Dispatch was still concerned due to the nature of the conversation in the background.

March 26th City of Portage
Somebody stole a 150 pound 2' x 4' granite slab with the names of the past members from the lobby of the Elk's Lodge.

March 18th City of Mellen
A caller told police that a subject known to her walked into her house and pushed her then left. The caller said that she believes the person is in a van with the ladder heading toward "the house poor people live in  by the Dollar General".

March 28th Village of Biron
A sheriff's deputy and a police officer responded to a report of a man punching an aquarium.

March 18th City of Wauwatosa
Police were called to Home Depot where they arrested a 46-year-old man who was trying to falsely return two buckets of screws.

March 18th City of Waukesha
A man called police and asked to have his girlfriend removed from their apartment. He said they weren’t getting along because she’s a heroin addict and he’s a vampire.

March 20th City of Waukesha
Someone called police to report that “two people dressed as Batman and Robin” had walked into a convenience store. When police arrived, they found the two people were actually dressed as Batman and Spiderman (not Robin) and they told officers they were just having fun.

March 26th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman reported the driver of a vehicle in front of her in line at a car wash backed into the car wash and stole a wash she paid for. When she confronted him, the man called her obscene names and left.