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aug 10th
The Festival Foods Len Nelson Sturgis Adventure Day 3
An almost perfect Sturgis bike rally day, WAPL style. It started with a plan to ride the Spearfish Canyon.That meant first finding Nemo. Nemo, South Dakota. No problem there but the left turn from Nemo Road to Nemo Road got missed. That's not a typo. That meant we lost Nemo already. I can't dial in my usually automatic compass after fully one billion sharp turns. The photo here is the stop we made to make sure we were onto Nemo's trail again. So on to Deadwood, another missed turn and backtrack in Lead and we found it It was such an invigorating ride up the gorgeous Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway. Cruising at slow speed alongside babbling brooks within canyon walls geologically older than the Grand recharges a guy.

Rolled into Sturgis with an idea...put the broadcast unit in my backpack with microphone and headphone wires coming out of it (don't try this in an airport) so I could be on the air from anywhere, even while moving. It worked like a charm.

I chatted up the owner of the famous Knuckles saloon whose wife is from Stevens Point. This is the bar which puts up a boxing ring and invites bikers to fight each other. He told me that they don't let drunk people into the ring but wouldn't you sort of have to be?

I also had a bouncer and pretty waitress on the air. And some cops. All while the sound of thousands of bikes provided a fitting soundtrack.

After the show we found a bench on a corner of Main Street and sat there for an hour watching the freak show and admiring the stunning motorcycles going by in an endless procession. You have to take time to smell the roses. And Harley exhaust.

We had to hang tight for awhile because of heavy storms in the area but we managed to avoid the worst of it. That's been my good luck on the entire trip. Thank you, biker gods.

No work on tap for day four except to post some insightful words and inspiring pictures later. Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, Needles Highway, Sylvan Lake and Custer State Park are all on the route we have planned. Stay tuned.