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aug 8th
Thursday's weather was much nicer. Took a scenic route to Deadwood (there isn't really another) and set up shop at the Lucas Oil Road House party. The boys in Unity the Band from back home were the host band. Bassist Tim Perkins gave some lessons on his instrument to the bikini bike wash girls.

The rest of the band did, too.

I asked a local guy what it's like in Sturgis in, say, March when no bike rally is going on. He said, "You could set off a bomb downtown in March and  police wouldn't get to it until April."  The whole area lives off the rally. I reminded him that, in a very real sense, it lives off Milwaukee. As in the Milwaukee iron which drives everything here.
One of the saddest things I've seen here is the dude who fell down and got some drunk rash. No worries, just use a sandwich size baggie, some duct AND masking tape and you've got a Sturgis bandage. But really, man, don't show it off. Put on your shirt. Look closely and you can see his handiwork.

I ordered some Chinese food delivery tonight at the hotel. Worst ever. Cashew chicken was a few nuts, some questionably textured chicken and a bowlful of what I call salt gravy.
Tomorrow I'm headed for downtown Sturgis for the annual WAPL live broadcast walkabout. My backpack radio unit, a butt load of cool bikes, a handful of naked painted ladies and it promises to be interesting on the Road Show from 3-5 Friday.
Until then, I leave you with another shot of Patty and Casey at Full Throttle Saloon. I'm told they got quite popular when I posted a different picture on the 105-7 WAPL Facebook page.