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feb 22nd
International Incident - Sunday 8:04 AM
As I write this, I am at in my room at the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo on the Mexican Riviera, birds are chirping and cawing outside my window and I am at one with the bed. Being at one with the bed is a rare sensation. It means the room is the just the right temperature, the bed is just the right firmness, I am perfectly relaxed and, despite there being a million things to do here, I never want to get up. It was an early night last night. The day started with an pre-dawn trip to the airport and quality time spent with a TSA agent who apparently learned manners from Attila the Hun. That was followed by my first flight on Aero-Mexico. Very sweet. Most modern plane I've flown on. Every seat has it's entertainment center with choices of free movies and TV shows. They even served food! Then, after an unusually long slog through the Cancun airport (that's the small price you pay to get to paradise) it was was a pleasant bus ride with a couple beers to the resort. What I've seen of it so far is quite lush and beautiful and the bartender in the lobby bar REALLY makes some nice drinks. The Don Julio margaritas on the rocks were sublime. After making sure our equipment works for Monday morning's broadcast, it was a short jaunt to the resort's taco shop for delicious garlic sausage tacos. It was still early but it had been a long day and I was spent. After a great night's sleep last night (Other than waking once with a Charlie horse. Must remember to hydrate more!), I am ready to face the day and embark on some truly great adventure. If only I can convince myself to get out of bed. -Rick-