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feb 3rd

We are proud name is this week’s Rick and Len show Weenie of the Week… Lovea Moore, the 20-year-old woman believed by police to be responsible for the theft of $18,000 worth of Crest tooth whitening strips, Rogaine hair growth treatment and razor blades from stores in Green Bay, De Pere, Oshkosh, Kaukauna, Neenah and Appleton. Moore is believed to have taken $6,000 in tooth whitening strips in Green Bay alone.

It is unclear why she allegedly wanted or needed $18,000 in hair growth formula, teeth whiteners and razors. We can only presume she's involved with some guy whose physical appearance she's trying to fix.


For apparently dating a guy whose head must be as hairless as a pole dancer’s taint.

For apparently having a fella whose teeth must be as yellow as the streets of Fond du Lac at bar time.

And for apparently being involved with a dude whose face must be fuzzier than most women’s memories of a night with Bill Cosby.

We are proud to name Lovea Moore, the woman arrested for the theft of $18,000 worth of razors, Rogaine, and tooth whitening strips from northeast Wisconsin stores as this week's Rick and Len Show... WEENIE OF THE WEEK.