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mar 6th

February 22nd City of Menasha
An employee at an office that offers free tax assistance and preparation, called police to report receiving threatening voicemails from a customer. The customer was upset because they wouldn't do her taxes and, in the second of two threatening voicemails, could be heard saying, "You can tell your tax people to die and eat my poop!"

February 12th Village of Jackson
Police were called to a residence regarding a 19-year-old man who was fighting with his parents. Further investigation revealed that the man shoved members of his family and threatened to spray his mother with Old Spice.

February 24th City of Oconomowoc
Police were called to an apartment for a report of a neighbor dispute. A resident said a bag of rotting meat was placed in front of an apartment door, and later it was in front of his door. He said he put it back in front of the door he had first seen it in front of. Later, he saw the neighbor put the bag back in front of his door. Both denied they had originally set out the bag, and police could not determine who originally put out the bag of rotting meat.

February 4th Village of Jackson
Police were called to a residence where someone vandalized their property by pouring Spaghetti-O’s on their walkway.

March 1st City of Green Bay
A resident at a Commanche Avenue location called police to report a woman who may or may not be a prostitute passed out in the laundry room.

February 19th City of Neenah
An employee of a retail establishment on Gillingham Road stated a male tried to pay for an item with a Canadian coin. When the employee refused, he said he didn't care and took the item anyway.

February 24th Village of Hales Corners
Police went an apartment after receiving several complaints about a man and a woman yelling and screaming inside. Police discovered there was only one man inside the apartment, who admitted he was yelling at himself because he was just given a 60-day notice to vacate, presumably for making too much noise.

February 24th City of Menasha
A caller at a Wittmann Drive location reported finding drugs and drug paraphernalia in a business parking lot. According to the caller, they found pipes and two plastic bags filled with a green leafy substance that appeared to be marijuana lying in the parking lot in a Disney's Alice in Wonderland bag.