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mar 31st

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week...the semi driver in Sheboygan County who when stopped on Saturday night told police he was being chased by…a werewolf.  While police found no evidence of a werewolf, they did find his truck was dragging a boulder.


For thinking he saw a werewolf which makes me fear the only Silver Bullets he had to protect himself with were the ones from Coors he already drank.

For dragging a boulder which we can only assume was one of the rocks he had in his head.

And for thinking he saw a werewolf in Sheboygan County when we all know any self respecting werewolf would be drinking a pina cola at Trader Vic's.

We are proud to name the semi driver in Sheboygan county who this weekend claimed he was chase by a werewolf as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK.