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may 19th

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…Robert Ahorner of Elkhorn in Walworth County. Ahorner was arrested earlier this month after an incident at his home. Ahorner, who had reportedly been drinking for five hours and had consumed an entire 12-pack of beer, got into an argument with his wife when she found him looking at internet porn.

According to the police complaint, Ahorner told his wife, “If I'm not using it, I might as well shoot it off,” as he grabbed his then-UNloaded 9mm semi-automatic pistol, pointed it at his penis and pulled the trigger.

When his wife just walked away, Ahorner allegedly went into the bathroom, loaded the gun and fired four shots to make his wife THINK he was SHOOTING HIS PENIS OFF. In reality, he was just shooting the gun into the floor.


For repeatedly, firing a semi-automatic handgun that was just as loaded as he was.

For thinking he could intimidate his wife by making her think he was going off half-cocked.

For leaving his bathroom floor with more busted holes than the gynecologist sees on the day of the Kardashian’s annual family pap smears.

We are proud to name Walworth county man who, when his wife yelled at him for watching porn, faked shooting off his own dingus “‘cuz that’ll show her!” …as this week’s Rick and Len Show….WEENIE OF THE WEEK!