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jul 21st

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…Travis Tingler, the reportedly drunk and stoned Manitowoc man who was standing naked in the street Friday and allegedly threatening to "gut his neighbors with a knife".

When confronted by police, the naked Tingler insisted he was doing nothing wrong and reportedly resisted arrest leading to his Tasing. Unfortunately, the Taser struck a cigarette lighter that the nude dude had produced from God knows where, causing the lighter to explode and Tingler’s facial and chest hair to catch on fire. Tingler reportedly continued to fight off police and resist arrest even while his chest hair was aflame.


For putting himself in such a position that he’s referred to in stories like these as “the naked Tingler” which would frankly be a better name for a sex toy or a fishing lure.

For being naked but somehow still be carrying a cigarette lighter some place which I can only assume gives a new meaning to the phrase "fire in the hole".

For thinking that standing naked in the street threatening to gut your neighbors with a knife isn’t doing anything wrong which is a level of self-delusion that could get this guy elected President of the United States.

 We are proud to name Travis Tingler, the Manty man who caught fire after getting Tased for resisting arrest when he was naked and threatening to gut his neighbors with knife as this week's Rick and Len Show..WEENIE OF THE WEEK!