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oct 16th

October 28th City of Menasha
Police were called to a Pleasant Road address where two adult males about to enter a vehicle got in a fight over who got to “ride shotgun”.

October 4th City of Waupaca
A resident called police and reported she needs her toilet flushed.

October 6 city of Brookfield
Police were called to intervene when a woman refused to leave the drive-through lane at McDonald’s after an employee failed to give her grandchild a napkin for her ice cream cone.

October 10th City of Beaver Dam
A man called police and reported that someone was trying to extort money from him because of a “groin picture”. The man was warned about the sexting ordinance and counseled on online safety. Police indicated there was no way to identify if the picture was actually his groin.

October 7th City of Marshfield
Police arrested a 52-year-old man on a suspected probation violation after receiving a report that the caller and the suspect had gotten into an argument over cooking venison.

October 12th City of Plymouth
Police were called an East Main Street location where a child was threatened by a classmate's grandma.

September 20th City of Menasha
A 4-year-old girl followed her older siblings to school. The siblings tried to contact their mother without success and told their sister to just go home. The 4-year-old girl was found crying on a corner by a stranger, who took her to the school. The girl is enrolled at the school, so they had her emergency numbers, but were unable to contact anyone. The home address was out of date, but the officer was able to use Google street view with one of the older siblings to find the address. The girl was returned home.

October 5th City of New Berlin
Investigation of a fire that caused damage to a kitchen in a home is believed to have been caused by a family cat that jumped on the stove and accidentally turned on a burner, causing a casserole dish to overheat and start the microwave above it on fire.

October 9th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police and reported seeing a man driving a vehicle with a clown mask on the passenger-side headrest.

October 8th Town of Farmington
A 25-year-old Random Lake man was arrested after he butt dialed 911 inside a bar and dispatchers overheard him admitting he wasn’t OK to drive. The man was overheard by dispatchers talking with a group of other people stating he could not see straight and was not able to safely drive a car but was looking for his car keys so he could leave. Police located the bar around 3 AM and arrested the butt dialer for bail jumping. As a result of the butt dial, deputies also arrested another customer who for violating his parole and cited the bartender for serving customers after hours.

October 7th City of Beaver Dam
A man was arrested after police received a report of him being intoxicated and “howling like a wolf.”