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dec 11th

December 10th Town of Grand Chute
Officers responded to a report of a suspicious incident at the Fox River Mall food court. According to witnesses, two males wearing short shorts resembling diapers, climbed on top of garbage cans, poured milk over themselves and ran out to the parking lot.

December 5th Town Grand Rapids
A caller reported a man walking north on State 13 South wearing a bear head.

December 5th Town of Grand Rapids
A woman called police and reported it sounded like someone was chewing on her house.

November 26th City of Glendale
Police were called after a chair was thrown and a sugar packet holder was broken at Applebee's. Two customers were upset that the restaurant had run out of six-ounce steaks and did not want to pay for the eight-ounce steaks.

November 23rd City of Oak Creek
Police were called to a residence for a domestic argument. According to the report, the man was intoxicated and took a sword off the wall and used it to attack a refrigerator in the home. According to the report, the man just “went nuts on the fridge.”

December 5th City of Green Bay
A woman on Mason Street called police and reported that her car was egged and now her husband was chasing after five kids on his bicycle.

December 8th City of Green Bay
Police were called after a man who was escorted out of a bar on Holmgren Way was now urinating on cars in the parking lot.

December 9th City of Green Bay
Officers responded to a report of a 10-year-old child at Cabela’s hitting people with a cane.