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nov 4th
Irony Thy Name is 'Incognito'

Here's the Ultimate in Irony in simple to digest video form.
The Miami Dolphins are embroiled in a locker room 'schism' (sorry Vikings) - where guard Richie Incognito is accused of allegedly extorting money and 'bullying' (yes they're both adults) from fellow O-Lineman Jonathan Martin. The 'bullying' had gotten so bad that Martin has left the team due to mental distress - and when threatening voice mails and racially insensitive texts were revealed as recently as today  - Incognito was asked by the team to stay away.  
Strange behavior for a man who starred in the Dolphin's Code of Fan Conduct PSA centered around          "Being Civilized".  Nice Croquet Mallet.
Apparently the old adage, 'what's good for the guard isn't good for the fan-der (sorry) - applies here.