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aug 8th
Steele Rockers Union Report: 6/10/11
  • Ozzy has finally learned how to text. Sharon Osbourne tweets "We're talking all day long. I love it."
  • Metallica Monopoly will be available next week through the webstore.
  • Amid "he said - he said" bickering between Nikki Sixx and Bret Michaels, Bret will tour as a solo artist in support of Motley Crue's Australian tour this September.
  • Queen is celebrating their 40th Anniversary! Check out a new documentary, "Queen: Days of Our Live" on A&E on June 27th, featuring new interviews and footage from their 1st TV appearance and some of the last know footage of Freddie Mercury.
  • The Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ and Beer will open this fall at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The decor boasts a stage that Skynyrd and other acts will perform on, plus collectibles, guitars, album covers, band pictures and never before seen artwork.